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James Cheeseman - Head of Trading, Atlantic LNG - BP

James Cheeseman

Head of Trading, Atlantic LNG

James joined BP in 2007 as a Quantitative Analyst after completing an MSc in Financial Engineering. In 2009 he became a trader on the LNG book with responsibility for the Isle of Grain asset and hedging the physical book.

At the end of 2009, James moved to physical LNG trading and in conjunction with BPs team in Madrid developed BPs LNG reload business in Spain.

James is currently Head of Trading for the Atlantic Basin, with responsibility for the management of Financial and Physical LNG trading activity based out of London. The team is responsible for optimising the value from BP’s positions in the Atlantic, running a fleet of owned and time-chartered LNG vessels and ensuring BP meets its requirements to deliver to its customers. In addition, the team engages in third party business in the spot and mid-term markets in order to generate value and grow the LNG portfolio.

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